Echo Der Hoffnung

Today, November 27, is the official release date for the German translation of AN ECHO IN THE BONE, titled ECHO DER HOFFNUNG. Congratulations to Diana, and also to Barbara Schnell, her German translator. Translating a book of that size (and doing much of that translation while Diana was still working on the original!) is a huge undertaking, and I'm so happy for Barbara that the book is out at last!

I don't speak or read German, so I asked Barbara (who frequently posts on Compuserve) to explain the German title. She said that ECHO DER HOFFNUNG means "Echo of Hope". And I think it's appropriate, because--despite all the cliffhangers and unresolved storylines--the book ends on such a sweet, romantic (and yes, hopeful) note.

I also noticed, looking at the publisher's description of the book, that the German version is 1024 pages, which is about 25% longer than the original. (Another testament to the enormous effort involved in the translation!) I suppose it just takes more words, or longer ones, in German to express the same concepts?

For more information about Diana Gabaldon's books in German, look here.


Barbara Schnell said...

Thank you very much, Karen.

And Happy Birthday to the book :-)


Karen Henry said...


You're more than welcome, and I do hope you get a copy of your own VERY soon! Congratulations!


Deniz Bevan said...

Ich mochte diese Buch auf Deutsch lesen! I want to read this book in German!
I've started Drums of Autumn in German but it's been so long since I took German classes, and I've hardly anyone around who speaks German (and none of them have read the books), that I tend to stop reading and move on to other books... Someday I'd like to read them all through Echo!
(word verification: stonized - is that what happens when you TT through the stones? :-)

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