THE EXILE "unexpurgated" wedding-night picture

The "unexpurgated" version of the wedding-night sex scene from THE EXILE, referred to in the "Making of the Exile" section recently posted on Scribd, is now up on Diana Gabaldon's blog, here.








My reaction: Yow! It was a bit startling to see that at first. It's not actually all THAT explicit, but I can see why they toned it down. <g> Those of you who are logged in from work or where small children are around may want to be a little cautious before clicking on the link, but IMHO it's no worse than the sort of thing you'd see in an R-rated movie.

As one of the My Outlander Purgatory lasses posted on Twitter yesterday: "Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ. In a good way." <g> And I totally agree with that!

I liked Jamie's scars in this picture, too.

By the way, Diana says the altered (toned-down) version of this picture will be on page 124 of THE EXILE.


Purgatory Carol said...

Oh boy Karen. Now that you've posted this.. you know we're all going to be heading straight to page 124!! ;)

Karen Henry said...


Yep. <g> And remember what Jamie said near the end of OUTLANDER: "A view of MY arse is no going to corrupt anyone's Holy Orders" (p. 598 hardcover ed.) Thinking about that makes me laugh, now.

You know, Diana says she didn't know the Canadian publisher was going to post that "Making of" section on Scribd, and I believe her (she honestly seemed caught by surprise), but what a FANTASTIC way to build up excitement and enthusiasm for the book, don't you think?

Twelve days and counting!


Anonymous said...

I can't stand the wait! Another 11 days! Though I'm not particularly a 'graphic' book-type fan, this one certainly caught my attention! Any form of Outlander folks' stories is okay by me....and welcomed! She's so darn talented, isn't she?!

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