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The following message was posted yesterday on Compuserve by Nikki Rowe, who manages Diana Gabaldon's YouTube channel.
Hi Everyone,

Could you guys do me a favor? New videos seem to come in bunches shortly after Diana goes on tour. If you upload a video to YouTube, please be sure to tag it with Diana's name or the words Outlander or Exile so I can find it on a simple search and link it to Diana's YT channel.

Someone sent me a link today to a video that despite being properly tagged has been up for several weeks but did not show up in my daily search. In order to keep the channel fresh and interesting, I need to know about every new video. Sometimes even if a vid had the proper tags it gets lost in the YT shuffle. Videos with Diana's name in the title get seen 100% of the time. If a video is properly tagged, I should be able to find it, but things do slip through the cracks.

If you or someone you know has uploaded a video and you don't see it in the favorites playlist on the right side of the screen on Diana's YT channel, please send me a note so I can get it linked into the channel.

Thanks for your help!

If you are not a Compuserve member and you need to let Nikki know about a video that's tagged improperly, please post the link to the video here and let me know, and I'll be happy to pass it on to her.

Meanwhile, please keep the videos coming! Did any of you who were at ComicCon get anything interesting on video that you'd like to share with the rest of us?

And speaking of ComicCon, and YouTube, apparently one of the videos in which the MyOutlanderPurgatory lasses discuss THE EXILE was shown during Diana's talk on Friday at ComicCon. Congratulations to Carol and Tracey! (I'm not positive which video it was; if somebody can let me know, I'll put the link to it here. Thanks.)


Erin said...

Hi Karen, It was so funny when Carol & Tracey's faces popped up on the big screen during the ComicCon appearance. The played a portion of the video when they both opened the graphic novel preview in the "green slime" version of Echo and saw Jamie's picture for the first time. Absolutely hysterical!

Nikki R. said...

Thanks for getting the info out there, Karen!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen! You can find the video they showed here:

..they are the best. It's kinda impossible to get tired of them


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