Book 8 title suggestions

We've been having a very entertaining discussion on Compuserve the last couple of days, about possible titles for Book 8. Some of them are silly (THE TESTICLES OF TIME), some are more serious (THREADS OF INK AND BLOOD, or Diana's suggestion, THE BOAR OUT OF THE WOOD), but it's mostly just for fun, and I thought the rest of you might like to see what some of the ideas are, or suggest your own.

Please keep in mind that Diana didn't actually ask for our help in coming up with a title for Book 8 -- although she seems perfectly happy to discuss the pros and cons of the titles that various people have suggested. As she noted on Compuserve today,
Oh, titles always show up when they're ready.  Sometimes, I have them immediately--like VOYAGER and SCOTTISH PRISONER; I knew those before I'd even seriously started work on the books.   Others--like OUTLANDER <g>--didn't come around until after the whole manuscript was done.  Most of 'em show up somewhere in the process, though.

As I've probably said before, it's like polishing rocks; I throw handsful of promising pebbles into the back of my mind and close the door.   Every so often, I pull out a handful and check to see if there's anything shiny in it.
Anyway, I thought this would be a fun way for the rest of us to keep ourselves entertained while Diana is finishing up the writing of LORD JOHN AND THE SCOTTISH PRISONER over the next few days.  After she's done with SCOTTISH PRISONER, she has said that finding a title for Book 8 is the next thing on her agenda.

So, keeping in mind that this is all in fun....anybody out there have any title suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Pls consider this a new post; I couldn't figure out how to contact you otherwise.

On Compuserve awhile back you asked:

"<<I was just thinking, if he passes up this opportunity to go back on Samhain, what's the next possible date? Is there a sun feast or fire feast between Samhain and Beltane? "

Someone else responded that prior to calendars "firefeasts" were marked by the seasons. However, "firefeasts", also known as cross-quarter days, are *also* astronomically figured: they are the exact midpoints between the solstices and equinoxes.


Brigid Manning-Hamilton

Karen Henry said...

Hi Brigid,

Thanks for the information. Feel free to join in the discussions on Compuserve yourself, if you want to.


P.S. If you want to contact me privately, look at the Contact Information tab at the top of this page.

dramalightlee said...

How do you identify a first edition first print of Cross STitch? Or ALL hardbacks considered 1st/1st?


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