Attention Australian Kindle owners!

I just heard this from an Australian fan on Compuserve, and wanted to pass it on:

The OUTLANDER and Lord John books will be available on Kindle in Australia on August 31!

This is great news for Australian Kindle-owners. Thanks, Rainyfly, for letting us know -- and also for your persistence in contacting Random House to ask when the books would be available on Kindle in Australia. Whether or not the change was due to the influence of Australian fans writing the publisher to complain, I'm glad they were able to get it resolved.

Please pass this on to anyone you know who may be interested.


Belinda said...

Hi, im a Aussie but i don't own a Kindle, i prefer the paper variety but thanks for the heads up!

Jenny said...

The Kindle versions of the following books are also available on 31-08 in the UK:
Cross Stitch
Dragonfly in Amber
A Breath of Snow & Ashes

(Im not sure when the missing Voyager, Drums of Autumn & Fiery Cross will be available)

Lord John books also available on 31-08.

Definitely prefer paper versions but a kindle comes in very handy when having to stand for an hour on a packed tube every morning & evening!

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