Diana Gabaldon's new story collection, A TRAIL OF FIRE, was released in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand today.  Congratulations, Diana! (No, it's not available in the US and Canada -- see the explanation here -- but you can order it from Amazon UK or the Poisoned Pen.)

I haven't yet seen the actual book -- my copy was shipped from the Poisoned Pen bookstore yesterday, so I'll have it in a few days -- but Diana was kind enough to let me read an advance copy of the new story, "The Space Between", and I think you're all going to enjoy it!  I won't say more about it here, except that this story gives us a LOT to speculate about. <g>

If you want to discuss any of the stories in A TRAIL OF FIRE, feel free to come and post your reactions, comments, questions, and/or speculations in Diana Gabaldon's section of the Compuserve Books and Writers Community. (For those of you who don't know, I'm Section Leader of the Diana Gabaldon folder on Compuserve, which is the online community where Diana hangs out.)  We have separate discussions for each of the four stories in A TRAIL OF FIRE:
If you have questions about A TRAIL OF FIRE, please see the FAQ page. And if your question isn't answered there, let me know, and maybe I can help.

I'm told, by the way, that my name is in the Acknowledgements to A TRAIL OF FIRE! Naturally I'm really pleased to hear that, but I don't know any more details. Please don't tell me what Diana said about me! I want to be surprised. Thanks.


Christiane said...

Hello Karen, thanks for the update! I'm eagerly waiting for the postman to bring my copy of ATF too!!!Can't wait to get the new book! Have a nice day.

Viviana said...

I'm very happy Karen your copy is been shipped! I'll let you know when I have news of mine. Viviana

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