"A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows" update!

Diana Gabaldon's novella, "A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows" (the story of Roger MacKenzie's parents), is now available as a standalone e-book!  It costs only $1.99, and it's available for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc.

Kindle edition
Nook edition
Kobo edition

Please note, this standalone e-book is available ONLY in the US and Canada at this time! (See the detailed explanation below.)

The audio version of "A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows" is also available starting today!  The narrator is Robert Ian MacKenzie.  When I mentioned this on Compuserve, Diana Gabaldon said,
We (the Recorded Books people and I <g>) picked Mr. MacKenzie because (almost) all the characters in "Leaf" are different than any in the other books and stories, and he's presently their top (if not only) Scottish-accented reader.
Running time for the audio version is 1 hour 59 minutes.  It's available for $10.49 on audible.com and $9.18 on amazon.com.

I'll definitely download and listen to the audiobook as soon as I get a chance. If any of you have heard it, please feel free to post your comments about the narration (pro or con) here.

Why isn't this standalone e-book available everywhere? Here is Diana Gabaldon's explanation in her own words, from a post on Compuserve on October 27, 2012. Among other things, she says,
"A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows" is ALSO available in print form, in the book A TRAIL OF FIRE (which includes four "Outlander" novellas).

HOWEVER...owing to international rights issues, A TRAIL OF FIRE is only able to be published in the UK/Australia/NewZealand right now (it will be published in print form in the US/Canada, but not until early 2014).  You CAN get this book, even if you live in the US or Canada, but it's necessary to order it from www.amazon.co.uk, The Book Depository, or The Poisoned Pen bookstore in Arizona (this is my local bookstore, which handles all my autographed book sales; I go by once a week or so to sign/personalize/inscribe all their orders, and they'll ship books anywhere in the world, including APO addresses).

Owing to the rights issues, you can NOT presently buy the standalone ebook version of "A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows" if you don't live in the US or Canada.

I hope this helps!
For more information about A TRAIL OF FIRE, see my TRAIL OF FIRE FAQ page.

"A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows" is a wonderful story, and a must-read for OUTLANDER fans, and I'm glad that more people will have access to it now. If you want to let Diana Gabaldon know what you think about this story, there's a thread on Compuserve here with a lot of detailed discussion and speculation.

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