MOHB excerpt booklets coming this summer!

Diana Gabaldon made a comment on Facebook the other day about "the pre-release booklets that Random House US will be handing out at BEA this summer. <g> Those will be Very Cool: the first seven chapters of the book!"

"BEA" is Book Expo America, which will be taking place in New York from May 29-June 1. Diana will be attending this event on June 1, so that's when the booklets will be available; check the Appearances page of her website for more details. Tickets are required.

What if you can't attend BEA? I'm hoping that they will make these excerpt booklets available to the general public after the conference ends, but Diana hasn't yet confirmed that.

Some of you may remember the ECHO excerpt booklets that were available for free at Borders bookstores in the US in the summer of 2009, a few months before AN ECHO IN THE BONE was published. They were a big success (even if some insane people actually paid $50 or more for signed copies of the booklets on eBay!) and I'm glad they will be doing something similar this year.

Note to those of you outside the US: I have no information about availability of these booklets in other countries. If I find out anything more, I'll post it here.

That's all I know right now. Stay tuned for further details! <g>

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Sarah said...

Ooooo I hope they put those booklets in stores like B&N this year! I still have my little free booklet of Echo :-)

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