New roof!

I'm getting a new roof put on my house Tuesday and Wednesday. Wish me luck!

No, it's not going to look anything like this! <g> The photo above shows a log cabin built around 1728 in Winchester, VA.  I like to think Jamie and Claire's first cabin on the Ridge (the one that became Bree and Roger's) looked something like it.

I always have to laugh at Jamie's approach to roof repairs:
"Get up and knock at the spot where the split is, Ian. I’ll deal with it on the outside.” Seizing a fresh shingle, a hammer, a hatchet, and a bag of nails, he headed for the door.

“Don’t you go up on the roof in that!” I exclaimed, sitting up abruptly. “That’s your good woolen shirt!”

He halted by the door, glared briefly at me, then, with the rebuking expression of an early Christian martyr, laid down his tools, stripped off the shirt, dropped it on the floor, picked up the tools, and strode majestically out to deal with the leak, buttocks clenched with determined zeal.

(From DRUMS OF AUTUMN by Diana Gabaldon, Chapter 21,  "Night on a Snowy Mountain". Copyright© 1997 by Diana Gabaldon. All rights reserved.)
I have never been through a roof replacement before, and it's a little nervewracking! I'm sure it will be worth it, though, when it's all over.


Unknown said...

Love that scene!

Good luck with the new roof, Karen. Let us know how it goes.


Zan Marie said...

Good luck, Karen! New roofs are dandy when the guys doing it know what they're doing. Of course, the key is knowing what they *are* doing that's right. LOL!

Unknown said...

As you said, re-roofing could really be nerve-wracking, and you might wanna add tiring in there too! But once you've dealt with it, the peace of mind and sense of security that you earn with a new and sturdy roof is not a bad prize to consider. :)
Allyson @ Affordable Roofing Systems

Unknown said...

Hello, Karen! It’s been a month, so I suppose you now have a brand new roof. How does it look like? Well, even if your roof doesn’t look exactly the same in the picture, I’m sure that you have chosen a good roof. A roof that is beautiful and extremely durable at the same time.

Lenore Lung @ Professional Roofing Contractors

Roslyn Petermann @ Twin Rivers Roofing said...

Any roofing job is exhausting, especially if you're not really a roofer. The thought of climbing up on the roof is already hard. What more if you'll have to stay there for hours? Anyway, having a new roof is always a blessing. With it, you can be assured of utmost protection against all weather conditions.

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