How do you say "mo nighean donn"?

Here's the third lesson in the STARZ video series, "How to Speak OUTLANDER". Enjoy!

This is a terrific video. What a great way to start the weekend! <g> I was actually hoping that they would do "mo nighean donn" (my brown-haired lass) as the next installment of this series, and I'm thrilled that I guessed right. The way they put it together was just great!

And maybe it's just me, but I swear that was Jamie talking on the video. Not Sam. <g>

The first two lessons are here, in case you missed them:

Speak OUTLANDER: Sassenach

Speak OUTLANDER: Craigh na Dun


Catherine MacGregor said...

Woohoo. . . PERFECT! Mo = my; nighean (nee-uhn) can mean daughter, girl, young woman, lass; donn (down) means brown, but brown-haired. For some reason the Gaels attach more meaning to hair colour than many others do, so people are differentiated from others with the same name by reference to whether they are redheads, blondes, etc. This is one of endless details Diana gets right, and what a lovely little clip to illustrate the pronunciation! Thanks for posting it, Karen!

Karen Henry said...

Delighted that you approve! <g>


Shelljo said...

I loved the humor in this lesson. Made me giggle!

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