A new record!

I had a total of 4,066 visitors to my blog yesterday, which is a new one-day record! (That's 16.27% higher than the previous one-day record, set on May 1, 2013, the day the OUTLANDER TV series was announced.)

I'm thrilled to see so many more people visiting this site in recent weeks. If you're new here, welcome! I hope you'll take some time to look around and see what else is available here.

Thanks so much to ALL of you for your continued support of Outlandish Observations. It means a lot to me. <g>


Unknown said...

Love you blog! It's included it in the "All things Outlander" zone of sites I check frequently (daily in some cases).

Sara said...

Hi! This is my second peek at your lovely blog. What fun! Thank you for the time and effort your put into it. I'll be back...

Leeann said...

I'm one of your new visitors and have put you on my bookmark bar so will be back. Love all your links, it will help me while waiting between episodes. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Dear Karen,
I really appreciate all that you do for us. Please keep up the good work!


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