Diana to speak at Oxford March 22

Diana Gabaldon will be appearing at the Oxford Literary Festival on Sunday, March 22, 2015.

I thought Diana's comment on Twitter about it was interesting, and I'm glad she's getting this opportunity! I can't help thinking that Frank and Roger would be proud. <g>

Here's Diana's announcement on Facebook:

Ever since reading Dorothy L. Sayers's GAUDY NIGHT (to say nothing of Colin Dexter's wonderful Morse novels), I've had an ambition to be invited to speak at Oxford University. Am thrilled to the marrow to say that this ambition is about to be realized this March.

Congratulations, Diana!!

I have no information about any additional appearances Diana may be making on this trip, but keep checking the Appearances page on her website for the latest updates.

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Anonymous said...

They changed venue !!! and released more tickets :-)

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