OUTLANDER on Amazon Prime Instant Video in the UK starting March 26!

It's official: OUTLANDER will be shown on Amazon Prime Instant Video in the UK starting on March 26, 2015. The first 8 episodes will be available on March 26, with new episodes available weekly starting April 5, only a few hours after they are broadcast on STARZ in the US.

Diana Gabaldon commented on Facebook:
Amazon Prime Instant Video will be presenting the show--and has also announced that they will not (as many carriers _do_) edit any of the original content. You'll see everything exactly as it's shown in the US. Watch it anywhere, anytime, and as often as you want!
For more information, look here and here.

Here's a new UK trailer.


Anonymous said...

Help! I fell in love with this show last month and I can't seem to find episode 9 anywhere on Amazon Prime. Any suggestions?

Unknown said...

You can find episode 9 on viaplay norway. However, I want to find the remaining episodes :p Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Can't even find a release date for second half of season 1 anywhere! Argh!

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