Favorite minor characters in the OUTLANDER TV series

Who are your favorite minor characters in the OUTLANDER TV series? I'm talking about the people who appear for only an episode or two, maybe even for only a single scene, but leave a lasting impression.

Here are a few of mine:

- The one and only Iona MacTavish, played by Diana Gabaldon in Episode 104, "The Gathering".

- Mrs. Graham, especially for her part in Episode 108, "The Way Out".

- Wee Roger in Episode 108.

- The Duke of Sandringham in Episode 110, "By the Pricking of My Thumbs".

- The wool-waulking ladies in Episode 105, "Rent".

- Frazer Hines as Sir Fletcher Gordon in Episode 115, "Wentworth".

- Corporal Hawkins in Episode 106, "The Garrison Commander".

What about the rest of you?


Unknown said...

Hugh Monroe in episode 8 "Both Sides Now"

Anonymous said...

Wee Jamie in Episode 112; Lallybroch

Anonymous said...

too bad the irish actor that played horrocks was not cast as capt. steven bonnet. he would have been great

Anonymous said...

anon@6:15pm....You beat me to it. The actor who played Horrocks was the image that was conjured up while reading the chapters involving Steven Bonnet.
'minor' characters I enjoyed thus far from Season 1:
Episode 101: The druid, Mrs. Graham
Episode 102: Mistress Fitzgibbons
Episode 103: Gwyllyn the bard

Stephen Walters whose live wire antics reflect the part of Angus Mhor is quite an entertaining addition as well

Unknown said...

I agree - the Horrocks actor would be a terrific Steven Bonnet. I believe my favorite minor character will always be Mistress Fiztgibbons.

Unknown said...

I agree with the comments about Horrocks. He'd be a terrific Steven Bonnet (his name makes me shudder).

My all time favorite, thus far, is going to be Mistress Fitzgibbons.

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