Release day for the OUTLANDISH COMPANION Vol. 2 and the Official OUTLANDER Coloring Book!

Congratulations to Diana Gabaldon on today's publication of the OUTLANDISH COMPANION Volume 2 (aka OC II) and the Official OUTLANDER Coloring Book!

There's a LOT to absorb in the OC II, and I think OUTLANDER fans everywhere will find that it was worth waiting for. I'm delighted to be able to add it to my collection at long last!

I'm thrilled to see that my name was mentioned twice in this book.

First, in the Cast of Characters section, referring to a character in THE SCOTTISH PRISONER who was named for me:
Keren-happuch -- A Welsh kitchen maid employed at Helwater, who carries a message from Jamie to Betty. (A Real Person, named in compliment to my friend Karen Henry, Queen of the Nitpickers.) [SP]
And also in the Acknowledgements at the end of the book:
  ...Karen Henry, Chief of Eyeball-Numbing Nitpickery, who kindly read all of the manuscript pieces for this book, with the exception of the "Cast of Characters" (only Kathy the copy editor had the guts to deal with that one). Her catches and suggestions saved me innumerable hours in the later phases of copyediting and proofreading.
That phrase, "Chief of Eyeball-Numbing Nitpickery", makes me laugh, but it's really very apt. Thank you, Diana!! The effort was totally worth it, and I'm so glad I was able to help!

Looking for more information about either of these books?

- For information about both of the OUTLANDISH COMPANION books, including the all-new Volume 2, see my OUTLANDISH COMPANION FAQ page.

- For more details about the Official OUTLANDER Coloring Book, look here.


Susan said...

Just found this blog. I had heard about the Outlander book series years ago while I was obsessed with Highlander the TVseries, but I never read the books. Then, I started watching Outlander on Starz , and my friend bought the whole book series . I fell down the rabbit hole , and I am now reading An Echo in the Bone. I am in love with both the books and the show. Diana is a masterful storyteller. I am smitten .

Unknown said...

You will be fully obsessed by the time you get to MOBY. Once you finish book 8 you will have entered the twilight zone of waiting 4-5 years for book 9. Now that's a drought!

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