Contest results!

The 2nd Annual Droughtlander Photo Contest is officially over, and I'm delighted with the way it turned out!  I received a total of 266 photos from OUTLANDER fans in 30 different countries, all over the world, as far away as Australia and the Philippines.

Here are the contest winners:

17) Cristina W. (Netherlands): "This is my favourite place to read Outlander on a (partly) cloudy autumn afternoon. The photo has been taken in Alphen aan den Rijn, my hometown in the Netherlands. Since we have a lot of water in the Netherlands, I enjoy reading in a beautiful silent place with only boats passing by."

71) Jessica R. (US): "I am an avid reader and truly love the Outlander series.  I have traveled to LA quite a few times to see the costumes and other events.  However, some of my favorite moments while visiting was being able to get close to the huge billboards for Season 2.  I always travel with the book I am currently re-reading.  So I felt that this spot was the perfect place to have a quick read, most likely the closest I will ever get to the stars of the show.  It was a perfect moment captured, one I won't ever forget!"

158) Daniela M. (Germany): "I am from Germany and started the Outlander books this march 2016. Meanwhile I have read the first 7 books of the main series. The currently last one (MOBY) will be my christmas present, so I have to wait until then to continue, which is really hard, but probably not so hard, than waiting for book 9. Nevertheless there are still the stories of Lord John to read, which you can also see in the picture. So in the picture are all my (german) copies of the books so far, in the middle in my bookcase and around again with their beautiful covers."

Congratulations to all three of you! Please contact me at as soon as possible so I can arrange to have your prizes mailed to you.

The link to the slideshow with all the contest photos is here.  Be sure to take the time to read the captions! There are a lot of wonderful stories behind the photos in this collection, and reading the captions adds immeasurably to the experience!

If you can't see the captions on your mobile device, or if they only display part of the text, try it on a desktop computer.  From the slideshow, click on the little "info" symbol at the top of the page (it looks like an i inside a circle) to open up a side panel on the right that will display the entire text of the photo caption.

MANY thanks to all of you who shared your photos and your love of All Things OUTLANDER! I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I have.

Next week is my 10-year OUTLANDER anniversary. Finding these books has changed my life in so many ways!  This contest is my way of spreading that OUTLANDER love around.  It's also a reminder that no matter how much things change in the years to come, the OUTLANDER fan community will always have one thing in common: our love for these books and characters, and this amazing story that Diana Gabaldon has created, that is now being brought to life on TV.


Viviana said...

Congratulations Karen for such a successful contest and to the lucky winners too. You certainly do a great job spreading the Outlander love around the world!

Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen , I'n sorry that I couldn't enter the contest , but I love the results , I especially love the photos that show fans book shelves and collections , they are a lot like mine , it's good to know that there are a lot of Outlander fans out there , please post more soon. Sincerely.

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