Most suspenseful moments in the OUTLANDER books

What are the most suspenseful moments in Diana Gabaldon's books? I'm talking about a scene or a situation that leaves you riveted to the page, desperate to find out what's going to happen next.

Here are a few examples of what I mean.

* * * SPOILER WARNING!! * * *

If you haven't read all 8 of the OUTLANDER books, there are Major Spoilers below! Read at your own risk.

OUTLANDER - The last part of the witch-trial, up to and including Jamie's "cavalry coming over the hill in the nick of time" entrance. Also Claire vs. the wolf.

DRAGONFLY IN AMBER - The duel and the miscarriage.

VOYAGER - Claire on the Porpoise as it begins to sail away, trapping her on a plague ship against her will, with no way to get back to Jamie.

DRUMS OF AUTUMN - The scene on the Gloriana where they throw the sick passengers overboard. Also Roger's first encounter with Jamie.

THE FIERY CROSS - Roger's hanging (of course). Jamie's snakebite.

A BREATH OF SNOW AND ASHES - The scene in the middle of the abduction where Claire nearly suffocates, and has to find a way to breathe, despite the gag and her broken nose.

AN ECHO IN THE BONE - William, Rachel, and Denny facing an ax-wielding maniac. Also, Mandy waking in the middle of the night, yelling, "He's gone! He's GONE!"

WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART'S BLOOD - Claire getting shot. Also the scene with Bree battling the intruders at Lallybroch.

What about the rest of you? I'm sure you can think of lots more! <g>


Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen thanks for sharing there are so many intense scenes in the Outlander series that it 's hard to name them all , but it was one of the main reasons drew me into the books when I first became a fan, I had to see what happened next , wonder what intense scenes Diana will write for Book #9, can't wait to find out , please post more soon. Happy Weekend. please post more soon. sincerely .

Unknown said...

When Jamie meets Brianna!! And also when Jem is trapped in the tunnel. So many suspenseful moments in all the books. I'm sure I'll think of more but those are the two that stand out.

♥Susanlynn said...

Thanks, Karen. Diana's books are filled with suspense, but the biggest shock to me was the "Daddy" scene when Marsali burst into Jamie and Claire's bedroom. Wait? What? I don't remember where I was when I read that , but I could not believe it. Jamie had other children besides Willy in the years that be was separated from Claire??? WHen? Where? And most importantly, who is the mother? I read the next pages at record speed. Diana really got me with that twist. When I read that Jamie had married Laoghaire, I was stunned and angry.

Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen , I see on your Blog that it was in March that Diana started writing Outlander for practice, I read her account of how the book came to be in the Outlandish Companion and it was fascinating to read and I first read Outlander in the Summer of 2013 the year before the series started and am so glad I discovered such a wonderful writer and a great series , can't wait for Book#9 in the near future, please post more soon. Sincerely .

kkilgrow said...

Karen, You always get us thinking. I would have thought the top on everybody's list would have been on opening Dragonfly in Amber for the first time and saying, "What happen to Outlander's plot?" I know I had to thumb through to find out what had happened to Jamie and Claire after they separated. But here my two scenes that are still haunting me.
1. When Claire and Jamie realized the family of four walking up the mountain to Fraser's Ridge was their very own loved ones. I have been wondering what was said and the children's reaction to seeing their grandparent. When I get the next book if their conversations are not in the first chapter, then I will have to file through the pages to read that scene.
2. I am still waiting to hear what went on between Jamie and Black Jack after Mary and Alex got wed. When that scene happened, I quickly read to find if Black Jack behaved as Jamie escorted him back to BJ's room or did he torment Jamie. I thought Claire and Jamie would have a conversation with what had happen when Jamie returned to their room, but the author took us in another direction (which was wonderful.)There are so many of those type of scene through out the series that get you anxious. DG knows how to get us a wondering.
Oh, also do you know how Frank knew where to put his letter to Bree so that she could find it after he died? I kept reading thinking that would be explained. Then I thought I missed something in previous books and made a note on the next reread of the series but, I never did find the answer.

Rodo said...

Great points !!
I would also like to add a few more that kept me tensed.

Dragonfly in amber
1. Claire bumps into BJR
2. The days after the duel and the miscarriage. I do not think that they were more emotionally detached in any other part of the books.

The story right after 'Daddy! Who is that woman?' exclamation.

A breath of snow and ashes
When Jamie was accused by Malva.

Written in my own heart's blood.
When Jamie was trying to find Claire after his 'resurrection' and he was straggling with his anger.

(and a lot more but those crossed my mind first)

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