New Season 3 Trailer!

Here's the official Season 3 trailer from STARZ! It's almost 2 minutes long, and my reaction on seeing it the first time was, "WOW!!!"

It looks terrific (understatement!) and I really can't wait for September 10!

If you're having trouble catching all the details, try the slow-motion version here.


♥Susanlynn said...

Squeeeee !!! What a surprise and a treat! It was such a long trailer with so many peeks into the story. I saw so many scenes that play in my mind whenever I read Voyager. Jamie looking so worn, weary,hopeless, and despondent. Lord John is so handsome. It was hard to see Jamie with Geneva. It looks as though the big surprise in the book will also be a big surprise in the show! So excited ! And the perfect way to end it...seeing the sign for A. Malcolm. Claire opening the door to the print shop. The bell ringing...fade to Black !I cannot wait for the new season to begin.

Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen , I think this will be the best one yet , I see that some changes have been made for Tv audiences , from the book , but that 's to be expected , the only thing I didn't care for was Jamie being taken prisoner at Lallaybroch , and it looks as if Jenny has given him over to the English , when in the book he gives himself up, this season looks very exciting and will be watching this Fall hope the summer goes faster, please post more soon. Happy Week, sincerely

Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen , this is very exciting and one of the best seasons yet, the trailer covers the first two months with Claire trying to be a part of the present with Frank and trying to forget Jamie which she can't , then trying to find him , the only thing I had a problem with was seeing Jamie being handed over to the English at Lallybroch , making it look like Jenny is offering him to them , which is not the cast, the more I see of Season 3 the more I wish for the summer to go faster, will be watching this Fall , please post more soon. Happy Week. Sincerley.

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