OUTLANDER composer Bear McCreary talks about the music of Season 3

Here's a really interesting blog post by OUTLANDER composer Bear McCreary, about the music of Season 3.
I don’t believe I’ve tackled a season of television as richly rewarding as Outlander’s Season Three. Separated by centuries in Season Two’s heart-wrenching finale, Jamie and Claire spend the first five episodes isolated in their own timelines, a narrative journey that spans two decades. This season allowed me to further develop familiar themes, and introduce new melodies, instrumentation, and nuance to the score.

Please note, if you haven't watched all of the Season 3 episodes so far (through episode 305), there are spoilers in Bear's post!

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♥Susanlynn said...

Thanks, Karen. Bear's music adds so much to the depiction of the OUtlander saga on screen.

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