OUTLANDER on the cover of Entertainment Weekly!

Outlander in Entertainment Weekly

Jamie and Claire are on the cover of the November 17 issue of Entertainment Weekly!

Check out this EW photo shoot with Sam and Cait.


Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen beautiful , will pick up my copy this weekend , will be able to see this weekend's episode , but not the next one , but season 3 is shaping up to be the best one yet , and will be looking forward to season 4 in 2018 , please post more soon. Happy Weekend. Sincerely .

Susanlynn said...

Absolutely gorgeous and romantic.

Anonymous said...

The photos are gorgeous, but I was looking forward to the outfits described in the book for the reception at the Governor's mansion:

Jamie "Red-heeled shoes and silk stockings clocked in black. Gray satin breeches with silver knee buckles. Snowy linen, with Brussels lace six inches deep at cuff and jabot. The coat, a masterpiece in heavy gray with blue satin cuffs and crested silver buttons, hung behind the door, awaiting its turn."

Claire "deep flare of the violet silk skirt. Cut low in the front, the d├ęcolletage was filled with a froth of lace that rippled down the front of the bodice in a series of V’s. Matchng lace cascaded from the elbow-length sleeves in graceful white falls that left my wrists bare." And a black coral fish on a white satin ribbon "necklace".

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