Entertainment Weekly's Ultimate Guide to OUTLANDER

Entertainment Weekly has released a special "Ultimate Guide to OUTLANDER", featuring a brand new photo of Jamie and Claire from Season 6 on the cover.  This special issue is available now on newsstands in the US, and also on Amazon here.

My first reaction to the cover photo:

Claire looks lovely, as always.  A little tired, as though she's been through a lot. (Given what book-readers know is coming in Season 6, with Malva's storyline, that makes sense to me.)

Wow, is that Jamie? IMHO he's almost unrecognizable. He looks like he's lost weight, his face is thinner than I remembered, and I don't like what they've done with his hair. The lighter roots make him look like a completely different person, at least to me. The expression on his face is so grim that it's almost frightening. It reminds me a little of the first version of the OUTLANDER TV tie-in paperback, with a grim-faced Jamie on the cover. This new look is going to take a while for me to get used to. 

What do the rest of you think?

You can see a bit more about what's coming in Season 6 here.

Please note, we still do not have a premiere date for Season 6. So far all we know is that Season 6 will be 8 episodes long and it will air in "early 2022". I hope we'll hear more in the coming days.

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Dahlia B. said...

Honestly, I think Jamie looks exactly the way he should look. He's about fifty-one years old when the story picks up; has already been through so much -- and is about to go through even more. Maintaining their home and farm on the Ridge involves hard physical work, and he lives with physical pain every day. But he also never complains about his painful limbs and joints and muscles; still, it's got to manifest somehow or somewhere.

And it's actually because of all that, that he looks absolutely beautiful to me in that photo. :)

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