OUTLANDER prequel in development!

Interesting news today! An OUTLANDER prequel is apparently "in development" at STARZ.

This article in Variety contains all the information I have right now. 

The fact that Ron Moore and Maril Davis are in charge of the production is reassuring, at least to me. However, at this time we have no idea what they would use for source material! The article refers to the fact that Diana Gabaldon has recently started working on the long-awaited prequel novel that will tell the story of Jamie's parents, Brian and Ellen Fraser, and presumably also their friend Murtagh.  That's true (she recently posted #DailyLines from that book), however, we should keep in mind that she is only at the very beginning stages of writing that book. It will probably be a few years before it's published.

UPDATE 2/25/2022 6:25 pm: Here are some thoughts from Outlander TV News.

Stay tuned for more information!  I will post further updates as we learn more.

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