OUTLANDER marathon on STARZ and STARZ Edge starting Dec. 20

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For those of you in the US who have access to STARZ and/or STARZ Edge, they will be running an OUTLANDER marathon starting December 20, showing a few episodes each night through December 30.

I have no idea why they are showing Seasons 3, 5, and 6, but not the rest. That seems strange. But here is the schedule, from the PDF of the December 2022 listings available on STARZ.com. (Times below are in EST. Check your local listings if you live in a different time zone.)


Dec. 20 (Tuesday):

EP301: The Battle Joined (1pm - 1:55pm)
EP302: Surrender (1:55pm - 2:52pm)
EP303: All Debts Paid (2:52pm - 3:03pm)

Dec. 21 (Wednesday):
EP304: Of Lost Things (1:02pm - 2:04pm)
EP305: Freedom & Whisky (2:04pm - 3:01pm)
EP306: A. Malcolm (3:01pm - 4:18pm)

Dec. 22 (Thursday):
EP307: Creme de Menthe (1pm - 1:53pm)
EP308: First Wife (1:53pm - 2:55pm)
EP309: The Doldrums (2:55pm - 3:54pm)

Dec. 23 (Friday):
EP310: Heaven and Earth (1:24pm - 2:23pm)
EP311: Uncharted (2:23pm - 3:23pm)
EP312: The Bakra (3:23pm - 4:18pm)
EP313: Eye of the Storm (4:18pm - 5:15pm)


Christmas Day (Sunday):
OUTLANDER Yule Log (airing twice, at 9:32am - 9:51am and 7:41pm - 8:00pm)

Dec. 26 (Monday):
EP501: The Fiery Cross (8:00pm - 9:06pm)
EP502: Between Two Fires (9:06pm - 10:02pm)
EP503: Free Will (10:02pm - 11:04pm)
EP504: The Company We Keep (11:04pm - 12:03am)

Dec. 27 (Tuesday):
EP505: Perpetual Adoration (8:00pm - 9:00pm)
EP506: Better to Marry Than Burn (9:00pm - 10:05pm)
EP507: The Ballad of Roger Mac (10:05pm - 11:06pm)
EP508: Famous Last Words (11:06pm - 12:13am)

Dec. 28 (Wednesday):
EP509: Monsters and Heroes (8:00pm - 9:03pm)
EP510: Mercy Shall Follow Me (9:03pm - 10:07pm)
EP511: Journeycake (10:07pm - 11:14pm)
EP512: Never My Love (11:14pm - 12:09am)

Dec. 29 (Thursday):
EP601: Echoes (8:00pm - 9:24pm)
EP602: Allegiance (9:24pm - 10:39pm)
EP603: Temperance (10:39pm - 11:46pm)
EP604: Hour of the Wolf (11:46pm - 12:47am)

Dec. 30 (Friday):
EP605: Give Me Liberty (8:00pm - 9:03pm)
EP606: The World Turned Upside Down (9:03pm - 10:18pm)
EP607: Sticks and Stones (10:18pm - 11:24pm)
EP608: I Am Not Alone (11:24pm - 12:31am)

Please spread the word to anyone you know who may be interested. Thanks!


Linda in Nevada said...

Why? Outlander is available 24/7, all seasons, all episodes, to subscribers. I don't get it.

Linda in Nevada said...

Season 1 through Season 6 are available all day and all night every day. This is confusing.

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