Episode titles for the second half of Season 7

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Here are the episode titles for the second half of Season 7!

Episode 709: "Unfinished Business"
Episode 710: "Brotherly Love"
Episode 711: "A Hundredweight of Stones"
Episode 712: "Carnal Knowledge"
Episode 713: "The Raven and the Dove"
Episode 714: "Ye Dinna Get Used To It" (Diana Gabaldon wrote the script for this one)
Episode 715: "Written in My Own Heart's Blood"
Episode 716: "A Hundred Thousand Angels"

What do you think? Some of these come straight from the books, like "A Hundredweight of Stones", which is the title of the first chapter in WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART'S BLOOD. Others (like that last one) are a complete mystery.

Without getting into spoilers here for people who haven't read all the books, let's just say that I think "Brotherly Love" is an excellent choice that will be meaningful on multiple levels. "Ye Dinna Get Used to It" apparently refers to a scene from MOHB chapter 84, "Nightfall", in which Ian ponders the question of whether you get used to killing.

In case you're wondering, no, they have NOT announced the premiere date yet! As soon as we hear anything definite, I'll post it here.

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