It's DONE!!

For those of you who have been wondering how the Final Frenzy of ECHO is going, I have some great news.

Diana posted this on Compuserve last night:

It's done! Or, as the cover email I sent my editor with the final section this morning (having stayed up all night in the Algonquin Hotel to finish it, and shipped it off just before rushing out the door to the airport) said--"Over to you, Ace--I'm fried." <g>

I am so thrilled for her, and very excited to hear that it's finally done!

And if Diana's editor's reaction on reading the last part is any indication ("I finished: thrilling, shocking, surprising, brilliant! Bravo!"), we are in for a real treat on September 22.


Kia - Petals Bath Boutique said...

Horray!! I can't wait for it to come out.

Anonymous said...

This is indeed exciting news! Congrats to Diana and staff on completion of this eagerly awaited book! I have ordered my own autographed copy and I can't wait to see it arrive!


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