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Check out Diana Gabaldon's latest blog post, which explains in detail all the things she'll be working on over the coming year, and why it will be a while before we see the next OUTLANDER book.

You will get a couple of things in 2010, though: 1) THE EXILE. This is the much-talked-about graphic novel, due out September 28!, 2) a new Lord John novella, "The Custom of the Army" (due in March from Tor books, in an anthology titled WARRIORS), and (probably) 3) "A Leaf on the Wind," a short story in a Penguin anthology titled STAR-CROSSED LOVERS. This one tells the story of what really happened to Roger's father, for those with a particular interest either in MacKenzie family history and/or time-travel. [g]

That's great news about the graphic novel; I don't think we've seen a specific publication date before. And I am very much looking forward to both "Custom of the Army" and "Leaf".

I was intrigued by Diana's question at the very end:

Which is the storyline _you_ most want to see addressed Right Up Front in Book Eight?

In my opinion, Jem in the tunnel is the most urgent of the unresolved storylines. I want to see him get out of there, and then I want to see Brianna eviscerate Rob Cameron! (In that order. <g>)

My second choice would be to see more of William's reaction to the revelation of his paternity.

Jamie and Lord John would come in third. I most definitely DO want to see Jamie's reaction to the news about what happened between Claire and Lord John, but it can wait a bit.

What about the rest of you?


Elizabeth said...

I simply cant wait for book eight!I started reading outlander feb2009 and I am starting to read the whole series for the third time. Please Diana hurry and write #8.Can't wait to see what Jamie's reaction will be!!!!Just love these books..Wish I was claire..LOL

Unknown said...

I totally agree with you, Karen. Gotta get Jem out of there and let Brianna rain bloody h*** down on Rob Cameron.

While I was temporarily "shocked" about Claire and LJG, and it definitely is a fine kettle of fish for the three of them to be into, but, really, these three have been through so much that they'll figure this one out,too. There will be shifts and changes, bruises, aches (both bone deep and heart deep)and sorrows, but they will weather it through. The three of them, Claire, Jamie and LJG, have to be three of the most strong and resillient novel characters (but honestly so) in a long, long time. I'm happy to let them tell Diana just how this particular kefaffle will resolve itself.

But Jem in that tunnel....

Deb said...

I have always wanted to see an exchange between Lord John and Claire about the time-travel. I was really surprised by a lot of things in AEITB (now, that's an understatement!) but I really didn't remember that time-travel had come up between John and Brianna and was scrambling to backtrack. I was reminded at the Ladies of Lallybroch site that they had talked about it "off the record" -- and by that I assume it was by assumption and not in print -- during the walk around the racetrack in ABOSAA. But I would love to see dear John's reaction and questions to a serious discussion. So we know that the subject has been breached and he doesn't believe it at all, but he needs to be convinced! Because he needs to understand that England will lose the war.

On the issue with Jem in the tunnel, I am so afraid that in his curiosity about the train, he will hit that "spot" and travel somewhere out of control, and I'm not entirely worried about Jem himself -- for he has so much of Jamie in him and he will survive -- but the heartache and fear of everyone else around him will be hard to witness.;) These characters seem so real to me that I can even "feel" the emotion myself, and fictional characters have never engendered that in me before! Our Diana is a master, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the first step should be Jem getting out of there as strongly as his mom did and sprint back to Bri so she can do something about Rob

I was also shocked about Claire & LJohn but, it made sense, we'll just have to wait to see how it goes when Jamie learns to whole truth!!! And how will William react?!

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