Suggestions for the new Diana Gabaldon web site

Diana Gabaldon is in the process of redesigning her official web site, and this morning she posted the following question on Compuserve:

Since the new website is, after all, meant to appeal to _you_ guys <g>, I though maybe I'd ask for suggestions: both links to websites that you personally think are cool or striking, and also, if there's anything specific that you'd like to see (or see handled differently) on the new site.

I know that not everyone is comfortable posting on Compuserve. If any of you have a suggestion or a comment that you'd like me to pass on to Diana on your behalf, please feel free to post it here.


Ninja Media said...

I can say much but I will check on that site

Anonymous said...
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Jane said...

I would like Diana to have one official website that is all encompassing. I would like to see a site that is professionally designed to not only showcase the books and is easy to navigate, but it is also easy to register, has an active forum and she is a regular visitor, as she is on Compuserv. As far as I know, she has 3 sites going right now, none of them designed as good as they should be. I can understand that she wants to interact with fellow writers on Compuserv, but Compuserv can be daunting at times for her fans.

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