Unusual words found in ECHO

I have always been fascinated by Diana Gabaldon's use of obscure or unusual words in her writing. Here are a few of my favorites from AN ECHO IN THE BONE, in no particular order:

contumely - p. 281
stultiloquy - p. 323 (this one is my favorite new word from ECHO)
inanition (twice, first on p. 348, then on p. 617)
bibulous - p. 471
dubiety - p. 561
mephitis - p. 211
perfervid panegyric - p. 371  (and I just LOVE the combination of these two in a single phrase - sort of "two for the price of one" <g>)
abatis - p. 573
palimpsest - p. 386
cocking a snook - p. 523

What about the rest of you?  Is there a particular word or phrase that you encountered for the first time in ECHO?

For more examples of unusual words from Diana Gabaldon's books, look here.

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