Great news about the ECHO paperback!

Check out Diana Gabaldon's latest blog entry for some great news about how well the Green Slime (aka U.S. trade paperback) version of ECHO has been selling so far.

Diana says:
I opened my email this morning to hear that the new Green Slime edition has hit the New York Times list—I _think_ that’s the first time one of my trade paperback editions has done that! It’s also #4 on BookScan’s bestseller list, mentioned in USAToday (today), and has stunned the publisher (in a happy way [g]) by selling lots more copies in its first week than the trade paper edition of A BREATH OF SNOW AND ASHES did—and they thought _that_ was good!

So, it looks like all of our (collective) efforts to get the word out have been paying off!

Or maybe the publisher had a point about changing the color of the cover to increase the visibility and sales of the book, who knows? <g>

Or maybe it's all due to the EXILE preview, and all those readers who are dying to know "what Jamie and Claire really look like". <g>

Whatever the reason, this is excellent news, and I wanted to make sure people here were aware of it, too.

If you haven't yet bought a copy, see Diana's blog entry for details about a special promotion that Borders is running.

Congratulations Diana!!

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