Some news about the ECHO UK paperback

UK readers take note: Diana Gabaldon posted some additional information about the mass-market (small size) paperback of AN ECHO IN THE BONE on her blog last week.

This edition, due out on September 30, 2010, will include some extras that are not in the U.S. paperback edition. According to Diana:
In this case, UK fans will get:
1) Potted biographies of a number of prominent characters,
2) An essay on the Life and Times of Scotland in the 18th century (not written by me, but a nice job by whoever did write it),
3) _Beautiful_ (and geographically correct!) maps, both of the Scottish Highlands, and of the American Colonies, circa 1776. Aaaannnnddd…
4) An excerpt from Book Eight, which tells you What Happened to Jem in the Tunnel.

Note: If you want to read or discuss the excerpt, go look at Diana's blog. Please keep in mind that I don't read Book 8 excerpts. Thanks!

I would like to see #2 and #3, but the chances of my ever seeing this particular edition of the book are pretty slim. Still, I think it's great that the UK readers are going to get some extra "goodies". Seems to me it's the least Orion can do, after that frustrating and inexplicable four-month wait for ECHO's hardcover publication in the UK!

You can pre-order the UK mass-market paperback from, here.

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