Allan Scott-Douglas as a possible Jamie?

Diana Gabaldon has been very enthusiastic lately about the idea of Allan Scott-Douglas (who sings the part of Jamie Fraser on the "OUTLANDER: The Musical" CD) as a possible candidate to play Jamie in any future OUTLANDER movie or miniseries.

This is a really interesting development. For years Diana insisted she had no interest in movie-casting, that she'd never seen any actor who was capable of pulling off the role of Jamie. Now, ever since she met Allan Scott-Douglas on a recent trip to Scotland, she seems very much impressed with him. To the point that she has started showing his picture (in kilt, below) at her public appearances, to gauge the fans' reaction.

What do you think? He's 6'4" (I think, or close to it anyway), Scottish, with red hair (I do wish he'd grow it out some so we could see it as Jamie would wear it <g>), an impressive singing voice (well, OK, yes, Jamie can't sing, in the books, so this is not a qualification for the movie), and he can convey an amazing range of emotion, judging from the songs on the CD.

So....could he be a possible Jamie? Or is Diana Gabaldon just encouraging him because he reminds her of her son? Allan Scott-Douglas is 27, which I think is close to Diana's son Sam's age. Diana likes this young man a great deal, judging from her interactions with him on Twitter. (She's Writer_DG, and he's Actor_Allan, if you want to follow them to see what I mean.)

I don't normally participate in the endless movie-casting debate, but I'm curious to know what the rest of you think about this. All opinions (pro or con) welcome!

It would be particularly interesting to hear from those of you who were at the performance in Aberdeen at the end of July, and got to see him in person.


Elenna in Scotland said...

A dont think Any actor is ever going to completely match the book description of Jamie...and even fewer are going to stand up to the idealisation of a wide fan-base! lol! Therefore, personally I dont think it is going to be so much a matter of what a starring actor Looks long as he fits the features can he portray the beautifully complex character of Jamie Fraser thoroughly.

Most fans will have their own specific personal interpretation of what Jamie looks like, anyway, so if the chosen actor can make a good job of the character, I think most will be able to be forgiving of the looks in favour of the Man...and may even be able to go so far as to "blend" the two into their single idealisation...the mind is a funny thing!

Since you ask about this chap in particular, however, my considered opinion is that from the head shot...yes, he would likely do reasonably well. To be blunt, though, the kilt photo is showing him a few years, and not just a few pounds, further on! is...a very doubtful maybe. Slimmed down a stone or more and with his hair grown out a bit (what IS it with men and shaved heads these days? Ick!), I might reconsider my opinion. The one thing this lad Does have, which I think is essential, is the height...and that is something going to be difficult to match for anyone being considered to play the part.

The other consideration for myself, being here in the Highlands...and I havent heard this broached by anywhere else, possibly because American ears are not so finely that the first time I heard this mannie speak (from the initial introduction of "Blood Vow" on the Compuserve forum), my response to my daughter, who was also listening, was "I hope that isnt supposed to be Jamie...that man is from Edinburgh". And she agreed. And then I looked Allan Scott-Douglas up online, and found out...he is from Edinburgh!

My friends, if I may point it out, there is No single "Scottish" accent. They are as regional here as they are in the USA, and to have someone sounding of Edinburgh portraying a Highlander is going to sound as wrong as someone clearly from Philidephia or New York playing a cowboy. Just like Georgia and California, Texas and Maine...the regional accents of Scotland are not interchangable, and the correct one is going to need to be incorporated into Any proper characterised screen portrayal of Jamie.

Well, Ive gone on a bit, Karen, but you asked! lol! Youve got a bit of change from my tuppence worth today : )

Shona1985 said...

Well at the time of seeing the musical I didnt really think much about Allan as the actor not for any other reason as that I was very sceptical over the whole musical. I sort of watched it as though it was something completely different from the books but slowly but surely I have come to really like the idea of a musical and am rather more open minded.

Anyway in regards to Allan playing Jamie in future I think he would do a great job and I would agree with Diana! At the moment I probably still have my own image of Jamie in my head purely cause as I say I didnt take it in as a possiblity on seeing the musical at the time. Meeting Allan again would likely dispel that image.

I think between the height, the hair (have to agree karen think he should grow it long! ) and after hearing him sing on "Say the words" really really feel he would do Jamie justice!

So a big yes from me!

sophie said...

...Big resounding noooo from this direction ;-P

Shona1985 said...

Sophie why do you feel that?

Shona1985 said...

Elenna I am from Scotland as well. I actually dont know the difference in some Scottish accents. There are only some accents that I find obvious, for instance doric and glaswegian! So really his accent doesnt make me up nor down!

I think we all have to accept that we are NEVER going to find everyone's Jamie. Everyone has a difference perception.

For those who want a film/mini series/musical will have to be open minded about who lands the job!

As I say though I think Allan fits the bill reasonably well! He is an actor so I am sure he will incorporate Jamie attributes if he takes on any further roles as Jamie! Which I think he did well on doing this seeing his performance in Aberdeen

Unknown said...

I have to say based on the kilt photo alone I vote NO. Too chunky. He is tall, I'll give you that, but without the animal/warrior grace DG has described over and over. That is either there or not, and I don't think it can be learned, no matter how good an actor is. Speaking voice doesn't do it for me either. I don't have a different candidate; I just know who WON'T do...but as they say, to each her own.

Jane said...

Physically, he more or less matches Jamie's description. He is certainly tall and red headed, but the facial features, to me, are not Jamie at all. I don't know how old he is, but he looks like he might have a problem passing for 23.

I think the biggest concern about the man who plays Jamie (if that every happens) is whether as an actor he can capture the essence of Jamie as he is written by DG. Jamie seems to have a charisma that would be sorely missed if the actor couldn't convey at least a little of in his performance. I have never seen this man in anything, so I can't judge on that. Even if I had seen him in the performance mentioned in Aberdeen that is not same as a film performance, which is a totally different animal (or so I have been told).

Nikki R. said...


Just popped in to say this guy is physically nothing like Diana's son. Have you ever seen a picture of Sam? I love Sam to pieces, though I've never met him. Diana always has a good Sam story to tell, though. The thing that strikes my memories of Sam is that he is roughly the size of my son--6'3" and 250 lbs. If you look up some of the pictures from Surrey in years past, there's one of Diana and Sam.

So yeah, in attitude or age, this guy may remind Diana of her son, but not physically. Just sayin'...

Shona1985 said...

for reference Allan is 27 years old

Karen Henry said...


I've never seen a photo of Diana's son, except occasional bits on her web site showing him with the dogs (and in those shots, the focus is on the dogs, anyway <g>) I was just commenting on the similarity in age, not personality (I have no idea what Sam is like as a person, any more than I do Allan Scott-Douglas) or physical appearance.

No offense intended to Diana, of course, or Sam, either.


Joy said...

Will pass on expressing my opinion now, but I did want to share some great news from Allan that I picked up on FB. He posted this a few minutes ago. as of 9pm tonight, Outlander-The Musical is the FIFTH best selling musical on!! (5th out of 26,811...) :-D

Congratulations all around! This is terrific news, aye?

Joy said...

Hey, again, y'all. I found this on youtube. You can at least hear Allan's voice and his accent, see what he looks like with a little more hair. Not the best video, but it's something. He's posted a few more musical vids on the tube if you'd care to go look.

What do you think?

Staci said...

He just doesn't do it for me!

Jane said...

I checked out the link. Hmmmmm, nope. I can't see him as Jamie.

I tried very hard to imagine him many pounds lighter with better muscle definition, longer hair and an edge to him that Jamie seems to always have.

I just couldn't visualize him like that. I can't explain it, it just wasn't happening.

Elenna in Scotland said...

I would just like to point out that Karen asked about casting for a FILM, and that was what I was addressing, above.

My own opinion is that there should NEVER be a stage musical of Outlander (or any of these stories). I come from a stage/musical theatre background, so know very well of what I say, and I feel very strongly that putting this complex, deeply emotional, involved saga onto the stage, with music (and a of whose singular traits is an inability to hear music/sing...singing!), would be a travesty!

That is not to say I dont appreciate the recent efforts of the writer and composer...what they have done is excellent work compositionally/themeatically...and I will say that when I first heard that there was going to be music relating to the Books, I liked the idea. There is a wealth of beautiful writing in the Books that would make gorgeous songs/themes for (individual, or possibly loosely-tied) songs, both vocal, and instrumental. And, coming from a Gaidhlig musical background, I was thrilled to bits when I first started listening to the marvellous duet that is "Blood Vow"...until I got to the cheesy-sounding English narration in the middle.

Then it was mentioned that there were further "dramatised" songs (which soon appeared), and plans to put this as a production on stage and I was dismayed. The whole Idea makes me sick to my heart! It is being difficult enough to make an adaption for the film screen, either as a single film, series of films (which would be my personal chouce), or mini-series, and someone is going to make it a simplified hereistheheavyemotionsobreakintosong, dancing, cue the orchestra and chorus, 2-hourandusherssellingicecreamintheinterval, happy-ever-after production? GAAAK!!!

So, NOT a brilliant idea for a tie-in, in my opinion. Music that might have been composed to illustrate the beautiful depth of the work(s) would be one thing, but taking the Story and putting it on the stage as superficial-in-all-its-glory musical theatre is quite another. Needless to say I havent purchased the cd, and have no plans to.

Anyway, the question was whether this mannie might suit for a film. That he can sing, and if he is likely to appear in a stage show of Outlander, makes me no difference.

Karen Henry said...


You're right, what I was asking was whether you could see this man as Jamie in a movie or miniseries. Whether he can sing or not is irrelevant to that question. :-) (I respect your attitude toward the musical, of course; it's certainly not for everybody!)

And about the Scottish accent: well, I will defer to you and Shona on that point! I would guess that most Americans wouldn't be able to tell the difference between different Scots accents, but I will hope for your sake that the casting director of any eventual OUTLANDER movie or miniseries is sensitive to it.

Thanks again for your detailed and thoughtful comments.


Anonymous said...

This is a joke right?!
Nothing against Allan, I am sure he is a fine musical actor, but aside his hight, he's got nothing to fill Jamie's shoes 9so to speak).
Why is Diana pushing this actor so hard?
After all the details that Diana gave us about Jamie through out her books, and old posts in her blog, she gave us a different view of how jamie would look like..and at the end she is suggesting him.
I am sorry that i sound rude, but I just cannot it!
I hope its all made for the sake of buying the musical, and not a serious option.
Beside Jamie can't sing, and Allan's obvious quality is singing! He's acting experience is in musical theater.
Diana also mentioned everywhere that he is a natural red haired.LOL
I have eyes and know how to use them...

Elenna in Scotland said...

Many thanks to You, Karen, for putting up with my bletherings! I think I must be feeling a little piss-and-vinegar the past few days...I seem to be finding voice for dissenting thoughts in several places :D But all respect to everyones opinions...what one person will like wont be anothers cup of tea...and though its always our similarities that hold folk together, its the differences that make us each unique and interesting.

Chan fhiosrach mur feĆ²raich. (Nothing asked, nothing learned) : )

Joy said...

Elenna in Scotland, thanks so much for your concise and knowledgeable observations and opinions. Really appreciated them!

I watched that snippet of Allan in the video, and then I viewed everything he had posted on youtube. Was especially interested in how he moved his body - was that certain beauty of male athletic grace present? Sadly, I didn't find it so. Allan does have lovely eyes, a nice tone to his speaking voice, and he probably is quite a competent actor. But! Jamie Fraser has a commanding presence, an extraordinary man among men, if you will. The actor who takes on the role of JAMMF will absolutely need to project that same quality on the screen. It's that old X or the It factor, that indefinable something that makes one take notice instantly.

Gerard Butler certainly has it in spades, aye? I think that's why so many Outlander fans have taken Mr. Butler as their own 'dream' Jamie. I realize that he is 41, and Herself has said he's too old for the role. Weeel, on paper he certainly is, but it could depend alot on how much of the movie, TV series, would concentrate on the extremely young Jamie, don't you think? There are extremely clever and excellent make-up artists in the business who could maybe work magic around that wee problem, who knows?Besides being the consummate actor, he just 'has IT'! There are certainly other actors on the scene who have those necessary and outstandig qualifications, but I can think of none who are still in their twenties.

I verra, verra much doubt if all the Butler fans will get 'their' Jamie, but I definitely don't see a very young, unseasoned actor being able to pull off such a complex and challenging role. Of course all of the above is strictly my own wee opinion.

Joy said...

Karen, re your comment about Twitter. Went back to check. Oh my word, I see what you mean!

Deniz Bevan said...

Not bad looking at all! If I had to criticise I'd say the lips are too thin :-)

Anonymous said...

It sounds as if he's a serious contender from Diana's remarks, and I totally don't see him as Jamie in any way other than he's a tall. It would be hard for anyone to fill Jamie's shoes, but Allen doesn't have the right body type (he's much too soft looking) or commanding presence I would expect to see in someone who portrays Jamie.

Anonymous said...

I am not going to say more than: I just don't see him as Jamie.

Anonymous said...

I just don't see Allan Scott-Douglas as Jamie. My Jamie is Gerard Butler with long red hair. I started reading the series with Voyager so I see Jamie as a 40 something very sexy, muscular hunk of a man, although a little scarred and weathered, still verra handsome. Allan Scott-Douglas just doesn't do it for me.

Laane said...

His clothes are not properly made.
The kilt is pleaded where it should not have been,
the sash is not fastened the right way and the sporran is not worn the right way, and it's a lady's bag. Ill leave the rest be.

Laura said...

Unfortunately, I don't think the prospects of Allan Scott-Douglas being cast as Jamie has much to do with his stage presence or his acting ability, but Hollywood politics.

A dear, dear friend of mine is a casting director in NYC. (Sundance Award-winning, no less. Can you tell I'm incredibly proud of her?) I would find it very unlikely Allan Scott-Douglas would be cast in the role of Jamie if the level of actors considered are of the name-caliber of Katherine Heigl. Having watched my friend put projects together, it is a huge game of "If A is the director I'll do the project, but not if Q is the assistant director (or leading man, or PM, or cinematographer, or xyz). Regardless of Ms. Heigl's acting ability, her star power gives her some negotiating leverage (if she is indeed cast) as to her leading man. Knowing she has done big-budget film opposite an A-list leading actor like Gerard Butler, she herself (or any other actress of the same level) would be hard-pressed to lead opposite a virtual unknown.

Any production team puts together a project for one reason: $$$$. If it is a lower-budget production (which does not equate to bad, btw) then Mr. Scott-Douglas might have a chance. If not, there is almost no way a production team would cast an actor with almost no film experience to play Jamie opposite an A-list actress for Claire.

If Allan is, by chance, popping onto your site to read: Go for it, man! Don't let anything stop you from giving it your best shot.


Anonymous said...

Darlene said: I sent a picture of Gerard Butler(from "Attila") to Diana 6 or so years ago. I have been a Gerry Butler fan for over ten years and have always felt that he was the perfect Jamie. Unfortunately, I know that time is the enemy; and Gerry certainly is not that "22 year old virgin"! The powers that be will be hard pressed to see another Gerard Butler come along!

Anonymous said...

Sincerely wish Kevin McKidd could play Jamie. Too bad the character is in his twenties. I have never watched an episode of Gray's Anatomy, so was not really familiar with McKidd as an actor. However, I thought there was something so appealing about him in the Percy Jackson movie. I realized as I was reading "Outlander" that I was picturing him as Jamie's character. Disappointing that age is a factor when considering him for the movie, however, visualizing him when reading the book seems a perfect fit for me.

Anonymous said...

Allan is not at all what i see for Jamie. I just don't find anything "captivatng" about him. He's average.

As for an unknown playing Jamie: According to Diane, one of the appeals for the production team in having a name like Heigl is that they WOULD be able to then go for an unknown with Jamie.

What do people think of Chris Hemsworth? After several years of being in the Butler camp, Hemsworth just caught me eye today for the first time. Physically, I think he's an excellent match (with a hair color adjustment...) and he's only 27. The big problem? He's Australian! So, he'd REALLY have to be convincing with a Scots accent!


Anonymous said...

NO, NO, NO, to Scott-Douglas. He is NOT Jamie Fraser. The doc that plays McSteamy on Grey's Anatomy would be a better choice for Jamie then Kevin McKidd too!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I have to agree that Allan Scott-Douglas certainly looks the part, but absolutely does not fit what I envisioned Jamie as looking like. He seems to lack the animal-like, passionate quality that Jamie seems to have in the book. Chris Hemsworth is handsome, but I would have to see the transformation. I've recently been watching Sons of Anarchy and saw Charlie Hunnam. He's British (he does a pretty convincing tough guy, American accent, so I imagine he could pull off a Scottsman), 6'1-2", and has a great, edgy look. He's also got that amazing smile that I imagine Jamie to have. Cons; he would have to dye his blonde locks, and he's 31 (but he looks much, much younger when he shaves his beard). I've never posted my thoughts on any of this, but I'm a big fan and not thrilled with the rumored choice for Claire. I'd love to hear what everyone else's thoughts are?

Anonymous said...

Hi I have to agree with the previous comment and i have always thought Charlie Hunnam would make a great Jamie. Nothing personally against Allan here, he just lacks that certain appeal that Charlie has.

Meggie said...

No, Mr. Scott-Douglas would not work. Sorry.

How would I as a fan envision a really good movie of the first Outlander book?

Powerful. Earth-shattering. An experience that leaves the audience incredibly moved and shaken. Think The Last of the Mohicans, the 1992 Michael Mann adaptation w/Daniel Day Lewis & Madeleine Stowe. Think also Rob Roy w/Liam Neeson & Jessica Lange.

Critics said Mohicans “nicely blends action, romance & history,” is an “exciting, visually stunning & satisfying epic adventure,” “lush & irresistible.” Outlander should earn the same sort of praise.

To have a successful movie/television mini-series that goes on to cover most or all of the books, the first Outlander production must capture an audience. It can do this with the right ingredients.

Four things are essential for a really good adaptation. First, an outstanding adapted screenplay/great writing; second, an absolutely charismatic Jamie (played by a Scot) whose fierce & graceful body language and manly beauty appeals to women of all ages; third, a strong, feisty Claire (played by an Englishwoman); & fourth, powerful music like the soul-shaking Promentory in The Last of the Mohicans that reverberates through you, sending chills down your spine.

Wonderful, stunning scenery & powerful chemistry between Jamie & Claire are musts. It would be super if the screenplay could occasionally capture some of the humor that leavens the tension & makes the story even more endearing.

Rumors are that Katherine Heigl is interested in playing Claire. I fear she couldn’t embody the character. Claire should be someone w/the beauty, curves, & acting ability of Rachel Weisz, the feistiness of a young Susan Sarandon, the bravery, physicality & resourcefulness of Anna Friel’s character in Timeline, & the wit, sarcasm & presence of a young Emma Thompson.

But Jamie is the key to the success or failure of the production. The actor must convey charisma, presence, confidence, physical grace, charm, wit, humor (w/a definite twinkle in his eye on occasion), wiliness, leadership, ruthlessness, hard-edged almost feral maleness, ability to withstand physical & mental torture, unflagging energy & intelligence, vulnerability, sensitivity, steadfast devotion to family, honor & love, & deep, intense, unshakable love for his chosen woman.
There’s only one actor who could BE Jamie - Gerard James Butler.

So he’s 41. Expert movie make-up artists & lighting technicians can make him look like a much younger man with Jamie’s coloring. After all, if 37-year-old Emma Thompson could earn a best actress nomination for her performance as 19-year-old Elinor Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility, then Gerry could be a young Jamie.

Yes, Josh Holloway, model Gabriel Aubry, Charlie Hunnam, Chris Hemsworth, Armie Hammer, Jamie Campbell-Bower, etc. are good looking enough, but they do not embody Jamie. Some of them are still callow boys. Jamie may be just turning 23 when he marries Claire, but he’s a man full grown, not a callow boy. He’s a brave man who has emerged from boyhood. He’s already been tested by horrific beatings, family tragedies, foreign study & mercenary military service, suspected betrayal & almost death by a family member, outcast status, a man with a price on his head when he returns to his beloved Scotland.

BTW You absolutely could not have Mr. Butler playing Dougal as some have suggested or any other part in the film. He’s a scene-stealer of the first magnitude & frequently overshadows those around him.

But Mr. Butler probably would be too expensive and/or not available, even if the part were offered. He’s being mentioned for the role of Marc Antony in a screen adaptation of Stacy Schiff’s wonderful new biography of Cleopatra, along with James Purefoy, Clive Owen, Russell Crowe, & others. Angelina Jolie has expressed interest in playing the Egyptian queen.

Anonymous said...

I've envisioned this guy as Jamie since I saw him on the Graham Norton show:

Anonymous said...

No, No, NO. That is all I have to say about this.

Anonymous said...

No. :( Sorry, but no. Nothing is right except the height and colour of hair... Nonononono. Not that anyone can do as Jamie but this guy unfortunately just can't pull it off. I agree with others - too soft, too.. meak?

Anonymous said...

Andy Murray (tennis player)physically resembles my image of Jaime. Tall, red haired, lean and strong, very intense and purposeful in movement. He did a photo shoot for Vogue just recently and the shot of him in his gym is pretty amazing from the intensity stand point.
I wonder if anyone agrees or if I'll be flamed cruelly?

Anonymous said...

No, hands down. This isn't Jamie. Do a proper casting call and you'll find him and hope to satisfy the 80%.

Or have the fans find him... Maybe get them to send in pictures as to what we think Jamie should look like.
Happy Robbie Burns day tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I have found everyone's comments very interesting. Most share my feelings of who Jamie should be. I see him at least 6' 3", broad shoulders, thin waist, (no tummy), Large slim but strong hands, hair just below the shoulders the color of fall sugar maple leaves. The kind of eyes that can be gentle and loving or fierce with rage or show strength when in pain. An expressive mouth that can be stern, funny, with a little attitude and very very kissable. I see him with smooth features that have developed into a strong mature handsome face. His voice has to be rounded.....not base deep but a middle sound that makes you want to listen to him talk. When I am reading what he says I can hear his accent and the way I think he would sound if he were a real person. The words would roll smooth and gentle from his lips.

What about Clare? Aside from being out spoken and about 5 foot 7 inches tall and slim with a bit of a back side to her she has to have the amazing hair that is portrayed in the books. Thick and very curly the color of camel or slightly lighter. A lovely face with full lips....not the pouting kind but a nice likable mouth and a voice to match. I understand she has to be English, but I hope the accent is not so strong to take away from her character.

I will stop with my opinions.....:).... and hope for the best. No musical please. I cannot see Jamie singing and dancing. It would break my 72 year old heart.

Anonymous said...

NO, no no no no!! He's too much a dreamer and certainly not anchored in his body well enough to play Jamie. No one who lives the kind of life he lives in the stories, could be that soft in face, feature and form. A grounded, centered and physical man would have survived and lived as he. Chris Helmsworth is more of the physicality and presence but a bit more body-builder than I ever pictured Jamie. Gerard Butler? im just shocked so many people think he's right. Claire? Rachel Weiss or someone who looks much like her in face and form. Jane Seymour isn't believable as Claire. Neither is the woman from Castle. Orlando Bloom could be (or have been) a younger Lord John. But this guy? very nice head shot...dreamer all over that face. NOT Jamie Fraser in the least. Especially the form and body language.

Anonymous said...

NO, NO, NO, NO!!! I would cry a million tears. This fellow isn't remotely attractive. Skinny legs, paunch, large nose, thin lips. Was someone smoking funny cigarettes when they thought of him? The only resemblance and I mean the ONLY resemblance is the height and the hair. That's it. I'm in the Chris Hemsworth camp myself.

Anonymous said...

This guy does not do it for me at all. The most important physical features to cast for are height, age, and gorgeous bone structure in the face because none of these can be changed or enhanced. This guy has the height, but he looks too old and he fully lacks the male beauty necessary in his face. Whoever plays Jamie needs to have high cheekbones, square jaw and be male-model beautiful. The face is critical. This guy just doesn't have that. With a lot of hard work he might be able to get his body in shape, but he'll never have the face. (The shaved head is also very distracting - so unattractive.) Didn't I see a good drawing of Jamie's face in the beginning of the graphic novel or was I dreaming that?

Anonymous said...

I cannot agree with Gerald Butler. He is way too old, not smooth and beautiful enough to play a young Jamie. I would love to see an unknown in the role. I could also see Chris Hemsworth - but he's not getting any younger either.

Anonymous said...

Check out Travis Fimmel from Vikings on the History channel. You need to watch the show to see his acting so you can judge him fairly. I think he has all Jamie's attributes (height, warrior roughness with humor in his intense blue eyes) except the red hair which is easily fixed.

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