A present from Diana!

I got a Chanukah giftie from Diana Gabaldon in the mail yesterday!

It's a delicious-looking assortment of dates, nuts, and chocolate-covered treats <g>, from the Sphinx Date Ranch in Diana's home town of Scottsdale, Arizona.

I was going to take a picture, but my 5-year-old digital camera has apparently given up the ghost this morning, and it won't turn on. Great timing, huh? Oh, well. Just what I needed -- an excuse to go camera-shopping! I love electronic gadgets, so I'm not really complaining too much.

Anyway, since I can't take a photo myself, here's the picture from the company's web site.

Doesn't that look yummy? <g> Arranged in the basket like that, they're almost too pretty to eat. (Almost. I'll try some of them today.)

Some of you may have seen Diana mention these gift boxes from the Sphinx Date Ranch on her blog recently:
the boxes of dates that I send to the various publishers, editors, and other professional acquaintances around the world at Christmas time

I'm thrilled to be counted among those recipients, believe me! <g> Thanks so much to Diana for thinking of me!


NatureWoman said...

Ohhh, they look so yummy! Enjoy!!

Erin said...

They look quite yummy! Hope you had a Happy Hanukah.

Ask Ms Recipe said...

The basket of goodies sure look yummy want to share ? : )


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