Diana's new blog

Some of you may have noticed that Diana Gabaldon's blog, Voyages of the Artemis, has been integrated into the all-new Diana Gabaldon official web site, which was just launched last week. (If you haven't yet seen the new site, I would really encourage you to take a look at it! I think it's terrific.)

Go to www.dianagabaldon.com and you'll see the blog on the right-hand side of the new home page. Or you can click here to go directly to it.

Most of Diana's old blog posts are still available on the new site. Go here and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. The blog posts are listed in chronological order, with the newest entries first. You'll see a series of numbers across the bottom of the screen. Click on the numbers to browse through Diana's older blog posts.

I suggested to Diana that she add some sort of "blog archive" widget, like what she had on the old blog, but she said that's something her web designer would have to look into. In the meantime, the search button at the very top of the site seems to be pretty effective, if you're looking for something specific.

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