ECHO in mass-market paperback!

Browsing around on Amazon this morning, I discovered something unexpected.

The mass-market paperback (that's the small size) edition of AN ECHO IN THE BONE will be published on May 24, 2011. You can pre-order from Amazon here, or by clicking on the picture below.

The Amazon listing says it is 1168 pages. (Which may sound like a lot, but compared to, say, ABOSAA and FIERY CROSS at 1400+ pages each, it's really not so bad. <g>)

I think it's interesting that the cover is showing a very much "toned down" version of the trade-paperback edition of ECHO (shown below), the one that Diana refers to jokingly as "the Green Slime".

Personally, I have always hated that fluorescent lime-green color on the trade-paperback, so if they are toning it down on purpose, I think that's a good thing.  The "Green Slime" may be good for visibility on bookstore shelves (and I admit that I once spotted the book from 30 feet away, in a small independent bookstore, just by the color alone!), but I think it's a hideous color, myself.  If we can't have the very classy and elegant gold-on-black of the hardcover edition (which I thought was a terrific cover!), then I think the more subdued pale green of the mass-market paperback is a good idea.

I have no idea if the mass-market paperback will include excerpts from Book 8, or LORD JOHN AND THE SCOTTISH PRISONER. If I find out the answer to that question, I'll post it here.

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