Contest update

Just a quick note to say, I'm very pleased with the response to the OUTLANDER 20th Anniversary Contest so far!  I've had 14 responses back in less than a week, which is very gratifying.  Thanks so much to those of you who've taken the time to put your thoughts down in writing and send them to me.  I know it's not easy.

Please keep the responses coming!  If you haven't yet sent in your contest entry, or if you don't know what I'm talking about, please click the picture below for all the details.

You can post your entry here on my blog, or email me at Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I still find that so far, that Outlander is my favorite book of the series. I so enjoy reading about Claire and Jamie will do for their love for each other. I only just found these books almost a year ago. One of my friends got me started reading the Outlander series. We both felt that you can't help falling in "love" with Jamie. He is the "perfect" man. I enjoyed when they were married so much! It was so nice to read about how they got to know each other. It reminded me of how my husband and I were at that age too. In their feelings, of course. I also liked how they would take care of each other, and how Claire wouldn't give up on Jamie, when he was so ill. The end was wonderful, with Jamie and Claire in the hot springs, and the news of the baby. Charlene Fraley

Karen Henry said...

Thanks, Charlene, this is great!


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