NY Times article about wild pigs

I saw this in today's NY Times, and couldn't help thinking about the White Sow. Two hundred years later, her descendants are apparently thriving. <g>
Biologists and wildlife officials hope to wipe out feral hogs — which are simply domestic stock turned wild — because they tear up wetlands, kill native vegetation and eat the eggs of turtles and ground-nesting birds. Farmers detest them because they destroy fences, root up crops and harbor livestock diseases.

The only people who admire wild pigs are hunters. Ancient Romans considered the wild boar noble quarry because it was elusive and fought fiercely when cornered, and today’s feral pigs have those same qualities.
That description sounds very much like the White Sow and other wild pigs described in Diana Gabaldon's books, doesn't it?


Frankie said...

I really hope that Diana let's us know what becomes of three of my favorite characters: The White Sow, Clarence the Mule, and Adso, the Cat.

Cari said...

I think that would be a good poll question - "Who/What is your favorite non-human character in the Outlander series?" :-)

Sara said...

Maybe they're descendants of Philip Wylie's wild boars, not the white sow!

Karen Henry said...


I actually did a poll like that once. :-) Maybe I'll do it again sometime. But the September poll (which will be up tomorrow) doesn't have anything to do with animals.


Karen Henry said...


Or descendants of both?!? Remember Jamie wondering "what kind of boar had the balls to mate with her?" :-)


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