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OUTLANDER: The Musical on iTunes!

OUTLANDER: The Musical is finally available for purchase on iTunes! The songs are $0.99 each and can be purchased individually.

My personal favorites from the album are "I am Ready", "Is tu fuil o mo chuislean", "Could I Surrender My Heart", "Such a Fool", "Why Did I Marry a Fraser" and "Say the Words".  You can see my detailed review of the songs here. For more information about OUTLANDER: The Musical, see the official web site at OutlanderTheMusical.com.

SCOTTISH PRISONER in Amazon's Top 100 Books

I noticed yesterday that Diana Gabaldon's upcoming novel, THE SCOTTISH PRISONER, has made Amazon's Top 100 in Books already! That's pretty impressive, I think, when you consider that the book won't even be published until November 29, more than two months from now. Apparently a lot of people have been pre-ordering the book! :-)

For more information, see the SCOTTISH PRISONER FAQ.

"The Space Between"

Diana mentioned recently that she hopes to finish writing "The Space Between" in November. This is the story about Young Ian's brother Michael and Marsali's sister Joan (two characters we met in ECHO), that Diana started writing in 2010. Some of you may recall that this story was originally titled "Terror Daemonium", but it sounds like Diana has now settled on "The Space Between" as its working title.

For more information about this story, including excerpts, look here for the discussion on Compuserve.

We still have no information on a publication date for the anthology in which this story will appear, but I'll post here if I find out anything further. I'm guessing we will see this story sometime in 2012, but I don't know for sure.

Diana's New Facebook Page

Some of you may have noticed that Diana Gabaldon's Facebook page has been updated. I asked her about it on Compuserve today and she said, "Yep, this is the Official Diana Gabaldon Facebook page." All the other Diana Gabaldon "fan pages" on Facebook are being merged into this one.

Take a few minutes to explore what's available on the new page. Notice the links on the left-hand side. If you click on Extras, you'll see much more, including links to excerpts, trivia quizzes, and Diana's blog and Twitter updates. (Important note: the Extras link requires turning off Facebook's secure browsing. You'll get a prompt asking if you want to turn it off in order to proceed.)

Diana also had this to say on Compuserve about the new Facebook page:
I won't be monitoring it, no--neither world nor time enough to deal with 100,000+ people (it started at 832 this morning, was 36,000 or so this afternoon, and when I just checked, was well over 100,000--they're "migrating" the other DG Facebook pages to this one, they tell me)--but I will contribute material to it regularly and will certainly stop by now and then.

Check out the new page here.

UPDATE 9/22/2011 2:22 pm: Diana has now posted an announcement about the new Facebook page on her blog.


Anonymous said...

The answer to the quiz question about which expression Claire picked up from a Yank patient seems to be wrong. I was sure it was "Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ" but the answer was "crying in my beer". Huh?

Karen Henry said...


Yes, that definitely sounds like they messed up there!

I have only had about 5 minutes to look at the new FB page so far, and I haven't had a chance to try the trivia quiz myself yet. Maybe this evening, if I get time.

If anyone else sees problems with anything on the new FB page, let me know and I'll put a list together to send to Diana.


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