In all the excitement about the announcement of a title for Book 8, we shouldn't forget that Diana is also in the final stages of working on SCOTTISH PRISONER (which will be published on November 29, 2011).

Diana posted a detailed explanation on Compuserve today of what remains to be done on SCOTTISH PRISONER before it is finally sent to the printers.  It sounds like she's going to have a very busy couple of weeks ahead!

All that close reading sounds mind-numbingly tedious, doesn't it?  But it's definitely worth every minute of the time she spends on it, if you ask me.  The more typos and other errata that are caught and fixed at this stage, the fewer we as readers will encounter in the finished book.

Once these final edits are done, it sounds like Diana is itching to focus full-time on WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART'S BLOOD (aka Book 8).

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