Alex Beaton update

Some good news today from Scottish folk singer Alex Beaton: he's finally home, after seven long months in various hospitals and rehab centers, recovering from a serious spinal cord injury that he suffered last July.  (You can see details at

I fell in love with Alex Beaton's music after hearing him perform at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in the summer of 2010.  I don't know if he will ever sing in front of an audience again, but I'm glad I got the opportunity to hear him in person.

In honor of Alex Beaton's homecoming, here are a few of my favorite Beaton songs.  The first two have more of an Irish theme, but the third is definitely Scottish! <g>  Hope you enjoy them.

The Maid in the Calico Dress

Rare Ould Times

These are My Mountains


Ellen P. said...

Karen - do you know where I could buy some of this artist music?

Karen Henry said...

Ellen - sure. Go here to see the ordering page on his website. The songs I listed here are all from the "Beaton's Personal Favorites" album, which is a 2-CD set that is just terrific. :-)

You might want to check iTunes and Amazon, too. I think some of his songs are available for download, though I'm not sure.


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