January poll results

Here are the results of the January poll.

Do you read excerpts from Diana Gabaldon's upcoming books?
  • 59.2% - Absolutely! I will gladly devour any excerpt I can find.
  • 7.82% - No, I would rather wait and see those bits of the story in their proper context, when the book comes out.
  • 6.55% - I used to read them, but I don't anymore.
  • 6.13% - I'm addicted to the #DailyLines.
  • 5.50% - I read excerpts, but only for certain books or stories.
  • 4.02% - I read the #DailyLines on Facebook and/or Twitter, but not the longer excerpts.
  • 3.38% - No, I am trying hard to avoid the excerpts and #DailyLines.
  • 3.17% - I have stopped reading excerpts from WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART'S BLOOD.
  • 1.69% - What excerpts? Where can I find them?
  • 2.54% - Other
There were 473 votes in this poll.  Thanks to everyone who participated! I'm not surprised at all that the excerpt-devourers are in the majority.  I fall into the second category myself.  I don't read excerpts, but I certainly understand why many of you do!

By the way, for those of you who said "What excerpts? Where can I find them?", check out the Book 8 excerpt page on Jari Backman's web site.

I hope you'll take a moment to vote in the February poll, which is all about your reactions to THE SCOTTISH PRISONER.


Anonymous said...

No space for "The best part was the horse!" huh?

I think you know who

Karen Henry said...

Hey, Bedequus!

ROF,L!! Gotta admit, I didn't think of that one. <g>


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