More OUTLANDER fan art

Have you seen these pictures by Cindy, aka Captivated2, posted on DeviantArt? Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

So many of the fan-made drawings I've seen fail to capture Jamie's sense of humor. I think this one shows Jamie pretty much as I see him.

This is not quite my mental image of Claire -- I picture her hair as lighter brown, and the curls much wilder -- but I like it quite a lot.  It could be Claire on her wedding day, or at the French court of Louis XV. The gown is just gorgeous!

This one is just lovely. It's apparently based on a scene in the movie ROB ROY.

A poignant tribute to the farewell scenes in DRAGONFLY IN AMBER, and twenty long years of separation.


Juliazun said...

Thanks so much for putting these on your blog! I'd seen the one morphed from the Rob Roy movie but not the others - they're just beautiful! I especially love the one with the horse.

Mrs Cookie said...

I saw them a while ago and was completely blown away by how good they were. The one taken from Rob Roy is exactly how I see Jamie.

I must learn photoshop!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that gorgeous horse is from SP. ;)


Unknown said...

Wow just lovely. So talented. Thanks for including the link as I'm going to check them out. The one of Claire is just stunning. Best likeness of Jamie I've seen.

wendy said...

Just found this blog & glad I did! The pictures are wonderful!

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