Thank you all!

My open letter on Diana Gabaldon's Facebook page appears to have had the intended effect. The casting calls have stopped (at least temporarily), and Diana's page appears to be going back to its normal rhythm.

Many, many thanks to all of you who offered your support on Facebook and elsewhere while this brouhaha was going on last week. Especially the lasses from My Outlander Purgatory -- Carol and Lara, in particular. As I said last week, y'all are awesome, and I really couldn't ask for better friends! Moran taing to all of you!

UPDATE 3/14/2012 4:35 pm: From what I understand, the casting calls might resume next week. I won't object if that happens. I'm just grateful that they gave us a little bit of a break.


Lara said...


Karen Henry said...

LOL!! Also, if I promise to Say Something, I will. It was worth it, despite the personal attacks. I don't regret saying it, but next time I will let somebody else volunteer!


Erin said...

Yikes!! I missed all this last week. Those personal attacks were pretty vicious, but I for one, am pleased you spoke out. I have no interest in casting discussions, so that page had become a real distraction. Sorry you faced such a backlash.

Christiane KYPREOS said...

Hello Karen ! DG's fcbk page is so much better now... that's my opinion anyway. thanks.Greetings from Paris, FR

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