Results of the January poll

Here are the results of the January poll:

How did you discover Diana Gabaldon's books?
  • 36.88% - A friend or family member recommended the books to me.
  • 25.60% - I stumbled across them while browsing in a bookstore or library.
  • 13.67% - A friend or family member gave me a copy of OUTLANDER, saying, "Read this, you'll love it!"
  • 5.72% - Someone on Facebook, Goodreads, or another online site recommended them.
  • 3.34% - I read a review in a newspaper, magazine, or online.
  • 2.23% - I found a used copy at a garage sale, second-hand bookstore, etc.
  • 2.07% - I discovered the audiobooks first, then decided to look for the printed version.
  • 1.43% - A librarian or bookstore employee recommended them.
  • 1.27% - I don't remember.
  • 0.32% - Someone at my book club mentioned them.
  • 0.32% - I had been reading excerpts of Diana's work on Compuserve since before OUTLANDER was published.
  • 0.16% - I happened to see Diana at a book-signing or other public event.
  • 6.99% - Other
There were more than 40 different responses for "Other"! I won't list them all, but here are some of the more unusual answers:
  • After reading Scottish Prisoner I had to find out more about Jamie.
  • Bought them from a psychic
  • Discovered person I was discussing Poldark with was published author
  • Found a Book Crossings copy in the artichokes at Kroger
  • Hospital gift shop, while baby daughter was hospitalized.
  • I read a short story in an anthology
  • In line to see the True Blood cast at DragonCon in Atlanta in 2011
  • It was listed in a poll on AOL as a "book that changed your life"
  • Waiting for an Rx to be filled
  • You tube video w/quotes of Jamie being a virgin on wed night!  I was hooked!
There were 629 votes in this poll. Thanks very much to everyone who participated! I didn't vote in the poll, but I would have chosen "I stumbled across them while browsing in a bookstore or library", because I found OUTLANDER by accident while browsing in Barnes & Noble in 2006. (My story is here if you're interested.)

Please take a moment to vote in this month's poll, which is all about how long you've been reading the OUTLANDER books. Thanks!

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