The latest addition to my collection!

Here's the latest addition to my OUTLANDER book collection:  an OUTLANDER First Edition hardcover!  Click on the photos to enlarge them.

I'm amazed at the amount of detail in this cover. I've only seen it before in photos online, where it's hard to make out the smaller details.

Back cover.

Here's the title page. As you can see, it's signed by Diana, but there's room at the top of that page for her to inscribe it to me personally, which I hope she'll do when I see her at her appearance in Fairfax, VA, on April 12. <g>

Copyright page. Notice the full number line at the bottom, which is one way to identify a genuine OUTLANDER first edition.

I found this book on Amazon a couple of weeks ago, in "like new" condition, listed for $223, and I thought, that's a bargain, considering that I really have no desire to spend $600 for a pristine, unsigned, first edition. So, I splurged. <g>

The book is in excellent condition, with just a small amount of wear in the dust jacket, which I don't mind. 

I am not normally a book-collector. I don't have any particular desire to own first editions of the rest of the series (except for future releases, of course!), but when I saw this, I thought it was too good a deal to pass up. <g>

For more information about how to identify an OUTLANDER first edition, look here.


Lisa said...

This is my favourite cover, I have the paperback with it. Congrats on such an excellent find, Karen!

Anonymous said...

I have this cover in paperback. The book is falling apart because I've read it so much. It is my favorite cover of all the books. What were the details that amazed you?

Tvor said...

THat was the book cover that lured me into picking it up when it was published first. I've bought each one of the books in hardback ever since.

Ms. C said...

Congrats, Karen! How exciting for you. I bet Diana will personalize it for you.


MegP said...

To clarify, is this the UK or US first edition?
Any idea who the cover designer was?

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