Diana Gabaldon posted this on Twitter a few minutes ago.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh......... #Moby #done"


Please note, this means Diana is done with the writing, but there are still a LOT of steps remaining in the production process, between now and the publication date in June. Copy-editing, reading galley proofs, etc., etc. Still, this is a HUGE accomplishment for Diana, to say the least -- and very exciting for all of us who are eagerly waiting for the book!

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Unknown said...

Congratulations to you, Diana. A long road fraught with negative comments, stupid questions and plagiarism from writers with no imagination of their own. It's also my son's birthday. So, best wishes to both of you.

Unknown said...

Congradulation...Thank You...can't wait

Connie said...

And, she has jury duty before she can go to Disneyland!

Sandra Gaskell said...

is the countdown clock the June 10th publishing date :-D becos in UK its June 5th. thats 49days :-P
Congrats Diana on finally finishing Moby majority of hard work done

Karen Henry said...

Sandra - you're right, my countdown is based on midnight Eastern Time on June 10th. You're lucky to be getting the book 5 days before we do! :-)


Unknown said...

Oh, hooray!!! i can hardly wait!

friv 3 said...

Diana, congratulations for what has been done and everything seems fine until this point. Everything with Your effort will be perfect.

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