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Here are the results of the April poll. There were 791 responses.

What do you think of the Lord John books and stories?
  • 27.81% - I love them!
  • 25.03% - I enjoy them, but I prefer to read about Jamie and Claire.
  • 10.37% - They're an integral part of the overall series.
  • 9.73% - They add a lot of depth to his character.
  • 5.69% - I haven't read any of them yet, but I'm planning to.
  • 4.05% - I started reading them after seeing what a major role he played in ECHO.
  • 3.92% - I like seeing a different side of 18th century life than we get in the OUTLANDER books.
  • 3.92% - I think they're boring.
  • 2.91% - I wish Diana would quit writing about him.
  • 2.40% - I'm not interested in reading about a gay character.
  • 4.17% - Other
There were 33 votes for "Other":
  • Just not that into him
  • Love 'em, just wish the books were longer. More to enjoy
  • Is there some way we might choose several but not all options? NOT boring!
  • Just read Scottish Prisoner and I DO like to read the gay element
  • They are okay. I have read a couple but don't plan on reading the others.
  • A hero in his way, pity he's gay
  • I want more!! I love him! Want more of him!!
  • They are okay, but rarely read them.
  • I love them. They opened up a whole new world of the 18th century to me.
  • I always enjoy reading about Lord John -- he's one of my favorite characters.
  • I'm just not interested.
  • #1, #4, & #9 - I couldn't pick just one!
  • just starting them
  • They are ok but I wouldn't have read them if I hadn't read Outlander books.
  • Interesting to see another point of view of some overlapping events.
  • They are ok, but I don't enjoy them as much as the main books
  • I love them and I think they add a lot of depth to his character.
  • I think they add depth to some of the less central characters.
  • I thought they would shed some light on how Jamie & LJ became such good friends.
  • I don't really care for Lord John.....
  • A read a few but I prefer the Outlander series
  • He makes an entertaining detective. Bless his somewhat hedonistic little heart.
  • I want to check off 1, 2, 9 & 10
  • Ambivilent toward LJG, charaacter and activities not worth attention
  • Oher than the Scottish Prisoner, I just couldn't get into them
  • I haven't read them and I'm not sure I want to.
  • 1. 7 and 9 above. Adore Lord John!!!
  • i think he is an absolute creep!
  • I've only read two and parts of a third, no plans to read the rest.
  • I'm just not interested in Lord John's history
  • I love them but, where i live (Italy) the publisher, has stopped it after LJBB
  • The Scottish Prisoner, at least, is integral to the series.
  • Love LJ, but not crazy about the books except "Scottish Prisoner." Scanned them
Thanks very much to everyone who participated! Please take a moment to vote in the May poll, which is all about Diana Gabaldon's public appearances.

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