Droughtlander Photo Contest ends Saturday!

I've received 100 entries so far for the Droughtlander Photo Contest, and they're all terrific! Thanks so much to everyone who's sent in photos.

If you've been procrastinating, time is running out! The deadline for submitting photos for the contest is midnight Eastern Time on Saturday, November 7.

All you have to do is email a photo containing at least one of Diana Gabaldon's books (in any format, including e-books) to contest@outlandishobservations.com. Please use the subject line "Outlander Photo Contest", and include your name, a brief caption or description of the photo, and whether it's OK to share your photo online as part of the collection, after the contest is over.

The winners will be announced on Sunday, November 8.  I can't wait to share the photos with all of you!

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