OUTLANDER Season 5 Blu-ray and DVD now available!

The OUTLANDER Season 5 DVD, Blu-ray, and Collector's Edition Blu-ray are now available! You can find them on Amazon at the links below, as well as all the usual places where DVDs are sold.

Please note, these links are for the US editions. I have no information on release dates for the Season 5 Blu-ray or DVD in other countries.

Collector's Edition Blu-ray (pictured below)

Look here for a description of the additional features included on the Blu-ray and DVD.


Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen , pre-ordered my copies so should be getting my copies in this week and I have just received the season 5 soundtracks on Cd haven't played them yet but will be listening this weekend . love DVDs some watch Outlander on Netfliks , and I don't because with DVDs you can watch them a bit at a time and make the time go slower also they pack in a lot of special extras and scenes cut out and behind the scenes material you can't find on Demand or on Netflicks , so will love DVDs for a long time . can't wait to binge watch season this Fall . please post more soon. Happy Week. Loving Outlander , sincerely

Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen . just received the new season 5 DVD and the soundtrack cd and wil be binge watching this weekend . season 5 was one of the best and strongest seasons with plenty of good acting and writing and plenty of good episodes so am so thrilled to be adding season 5 on DVD to my Outlander library , very neat . please post more soon. Happy Week. Loving Outlander.
sincerely Yours .

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