Recap and video of Diana Gabaldon's appearance at Eden Court

Diana Gabaldon being interviewed by Sarah Fraser at Eden Court in Inverness, 15 October 2022

Some of you will recall that Diana Gabaldon appeared at Eden Court in Inverness, Scotland, last October, in a special event organized by the Inverness Outlanders fan group.

In the days immediately following the event, everyone who had been there kept saying on social media that it was one of the best interviews with Diana they had ever seen. I was thrilled for them, of course, but also (I might as well admit it) a wee bit jealous! I very much wanted to see the interview for myself. I kept looking for it on YouTube in the weeks following the event, and found nothing.

Until now, that is.

Here's a detailed recap of the event, from the Inverness Outlanders website. And here is the video.

The interview is indeed excellent, much more in-depth than most of the interviews Diana Gabaldon has done in recent years. I really enjoyed it! The audio is a little hard to make out at times, especially during the Q&A, but overall I thought the whole program was terrific!

NOTE: If you're an excerpt-avoider, please note that Diana does read two excerpts from Book 10 starting around 58 minutes into the video. Just fast-forward past it if you don't want to know yet.

Many thanks, again, to the Inverness Outlanders for putting this together, and to Diana Gabaldon and Sarah Fraser for a terrific interview!

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