Diana Gabaldon's appearance at Eden Court in Inverness

Diana Gabaldon will be speaking at Eden Court in Inverness, Scotland, this evening! This is an event that the Inverness Outlanders fan group have been planning for months, and I know they're tremendously excited!

If you're going, I hope you have a fabulous time, and the rest of us will be with you in spirit.

I don't know if they are planning to post the video of Diana's talk afterward, but I hope so! If they do, I'll update this post with the link. In the meantime, here's a brief video clip of Diana talking about being back in Inverness for the first time in several years.


Unknown said...

She is an awesome writter, she needs to write another great love story with same actors

Linda in Nevada said...

Answer to Unknown:
She hasn't finished this one yet!

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